The ICANN New gTLD Applicant Guidebook Online Viewer

presented by Cloud Registry.

1.1 Filing the Complaint a) Proceedings are initiated by electronically filing with a URS Provider a Complaint outlining the trademark rights and the actions complained of entitling the trademark holder to relief. b) Each Complaint must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, which is under consideration. The fees will be non-refundable. c) One Complaint is acceptable for multiple related companies against one Registrant, but only if the companies complaining are related. Multiple Registrants can be named in one Complaint only if it can be shown that they are in some way related. There will not be a minimum number of domain names imposed as a prerequisite to filing. 1.2 Contents of the Complaint The form of the Complaint will be simple and as formulaic as possible. There will be a Form Complaint. The Form Complaint shall include space for the following: 1.2.1 1.2.2 1.2.3 1.2.4 Name, email address and other contact information for the Complaining Party (Parties). Name, email address and contact information for any person authorized to act on behalf of Complaining Parties. Name of Registrant (i.e. relevant information available from Whois) and Whois listed available contact information for the relevant domain name(s). The specific domain name(s) that are the subject of the Complaint. For each domain name, the Complainant shall include a copy of the currently available Whois information and a description and copy, if available, of the offending portion of the website content associated with each domain name that is the subject of the Complaint. The specific trademark/service marks upon which the Complaint is based and pursuant to which the Complaining Parties are asserting their rights to them, for which goods and in connection with what services. A statement of the grounds upon which the Complaint is based setting forth facts showing that the Complaining Party is entitled to relief, namely:




(Uniform Rapid Suspension)